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I’m an art director -  8 years experience. I’m Australian. I’ve won a couple of awards. I like ideas.


I call myself an art director because of my stubborn refusal to add ridiculous and pointless words to my job title.


I knew I wanted to go into the industry when I discovered that the modern day image of Santa Claus was created by Coca-Cola. Now it’s arguable whether or not that made the world better, but it certainly made an impact.

And so it began - starting in Melbourne, Australia and then blindly moving to Paris 5 years ago – I’ve worked on award winning international and local campaigns at Marcel, Ogilvy McCann and now at BETC.

I call myself an art director because of my stubborn refusal to add ridiculous and pointless words to my job title – though in reality you could also call me a designer,
a copywriter or a strategist, depending on the day. 

I’m very proud to have been the only woman from France to be selected in the Cannes Lions See It Be It Program – a group of 20 women from all over the world identified as the next leaders in the industry. 

Even as a woman (one of Pitch’s 100 Superwomen) in a senior creative position, I hold the unrelenting belief that women and middle aged men can coexist in our industry.  I'm determined to turn the current hype around gender equality into action, so that the next generation of kickass women can focus on something else.

I like working on social causes and one day hope to somehow make the world a better place - a real better place, not just for award shows.

I've already told you why I wanted to go into the industry – I want to make a meaningful impact. I want to make someones day just that little bit brighter, whether that's through a social cause, a considered CX or just bringing a smile to someone's face. That's why I keep pushing myself to be better, to lead stronger, to be more creative and to be more inspired.

If you can help me with that, I know I can help you make great work that make us all look good, and hopefully does some good.


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